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Elster V100 water meter

M190 Water flow meter

Dry-dial hot water meter

It is Dry-dial meter for hot water meter. The sizes of M190 is DN15 to DN50 with a flow rate of between the 2.5 to 25 m3/h. conText®-marking system, Reed Disc with tamper detection. EU-type examination certificate DE-15-MI001-PTB013


Hard bearings on impeller and magnet drive.
Register resistant against ultraviolet light.

Industrial Both Cold and Hot water

Flow Rate
Pressure MAP

DN 15mm ½ in
DN 20mm ¾ in
DN 25mm 1 in
DN 25mm 1 in
DN 32mm 1 ¼ in
DN 40mm 1 ½
DN 50mm 2 in

31.25 l/h
50 l/h
78.75 l/h
125 l/h
125 l/h
200 l/h
312.5 l/h

3.125 m3/h
5 m3/h
7.875 m3/h
12.5 m3/h
12.5 m3/h
20 m3/h
31.25 m3/h

16 bar

30°C to 90°C


Retrofit pulse unit

Meter connection thread ISO 228/1
Connection pipe thread ISO 7/1
DN 20mm to 40mm Thread type
DN 50mm Thread/ Flange type

Brass Body

One year manufacturing warranty

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