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              The flow meter is defined as a device that mainly measures the velocity of liquid or gas and it is applicable in chemical engineering, meteorology, medicine, and aeronautics. It is termed as an essential aspect of oil and gas operations. This article is mainly based on the Bethel general trading organization which is considered as one of the top leading oilfield and heavy equipment as well as spare parts trading business which is registered in Ajman. The main aim of this is to operate in the oil and gas industrial area within the gulf region and facilitate better services and quality to the clients.


              Flow meters: It is defined as equipment or instrument of measuring, recording, or monitoring the pressure, flow rate, or release fluid as a gaseous fuel. Flowmeter is also known as a flow indicator, flow rate, flow gauge, liquid meter, sensor, and so on according to the industry-specific. While selecting flow meters, buyers should consider some intangible aspects such as familiarity of plant personnel, availability of spare parts, calibration and maintenance experience, mean time between the failure history, etc. at the specific site.


Water flow meters

              It is a tool that is used for measuring the usage of water or the volume of water that can be used by commercial buildings and residential. It measures the units of those water which are supplied by the public water supply system. Water meter allows people that charges to be based on the volume of water they used. If anyone doesn’t has installed water meter at their home or property then the bill is ascertained by rateable value of the property which has not to do with the actual amount of water they used.

              In addition to this, mostly water flow meter has installed free of cost and only exclusion would be while it is expensive for water company to install the meter. Within the year of installation of the water meter, people can switch back it to the rateable system by making requests to the company. In this time, they should be capable to compare the yearly bill of water usage in order to examine that they are paying more or less. In the case of leakages, most of the suppliers facilitate leakage allowance that will neglect additional charges regarding leak and household’s maintenances it within the real-time duration.

Types of Water Meter

Analog water meter

              In this, mainly three measuring tools such as total water use, low flow indicator and sweep hand in which the water usage is shown in numbers in order to indicate volume in wither gallons or cubic feet. In the below picture, the total volume of water usage is 1356411 gallons. The last digit on the right side of static is 0 which does not change because it is shown by the red sweep hand. In this diagram, the sweep hand is on the number 1 so the gallons are 1356411. Whereas, the low flow meter is a small triangle while an indicator is rotating which means you have proper water flowing to your home or property. The rotation of sweep hands shows the water usage of 10 gallons.


Digital water meter

              It needs the light of start but installer or household’s do this by admiring a flashlight to equipment. It has no dial for reading because all things are displayed in the numerical display. As both the type of meter provides readings in either cube feet or gallons, as well as the flow rate, is measured by the amount of water usage per minute. It includes the time of day that makes it easier to understand if a water leak is a presence at the property.


Electromagnetic water meter

              Domestic water meter comes into mainly three models like Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, and Mechanical insert as all shows the same thing but have different measuring tools. The electromagnetic meter is a harness electrical voltage which helps in determining the water use. The inside pipe of the meter is surrounded by the magnetic fields as well as electrodes. During the flow of water and fluid passes through the pipe, it creates electrical voltage. It will measure the electrical voltage which is generated by the water because the velocity of water is proportional to electrical voltage and is converted into the flow rate.


Fuel flow meter

              The fuel flowmeter of Bethel company allows us to choose many technologies or flow rates. Basically, the company used Analog, digital and electromagnetic meters that can be purchased from their own website. They have varieties of fuel flow meter that is highly suitable for more fuels like diesel, kerosene, oil, bio-diesels, and so on. These meters are available in various sizes that start from ½ to 

Types Of Fuel Flowmeter

Analog fuel flowmeter

              It is the ideal tool for gaging fuel flow amounts of biodiesel, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, mineral spirit and so many solvents. With the help of quick reset knob, users are able to reset the 4-digit counter to the zero and the quality aluminum construction with the high visibility white digits. It provides the mounting option for pump application or system as the front gauge panel can be alternated that permits inlet or outlets to be associated within the horizontal or vertical planes.

Digital fuel flowmeter

              It facilitates low cost, effective as well as a reliable flow meter for usage with diesel products, kerosene, and diesel fuels. Battery-powered display on 01A meter is the factory calibrated in order to show the readings in liters and gallons. The digital fuel flow meter is light weighted, repeatable (± 0.5%), accurate (Up to 5%) as well as reliable turbine meter along with the rough aluminum covering and the closed circuitry of electronics. It offers the life of batteries for around 5 years and quickly installed. Application of these meters include –

  • Fuel transfer

  • Refueling equipment’s at the transport centers

  • Agriculture equipment

  • Local government equipment.


Electromagnetic fuel flowmeter

It intended for the measurement of fuel flow in most industries as it mainly works for both detector and converter. The detector works for measuring electrodes, flow tubes, and isolating linear whereas, a converter is liable for single processing, display, output signals, and fuel flow measurement.

Suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, or distributors of the flow meter

               Bethel is well for best flowmeter supplier, flowmeter distributor, flowmeter dealer. Bethel General Trading can supply flow meters across UAE  such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK City, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Jebel Ali, Dibba Al-Fujairah, Madinat Zayed, Ruwais, Liwa Oasis,  Dhaid, Ghayathi, Ar-Rams, Dibba Al-Hisn, Hatta, Al Madam.

Cost or price of the flow meter

               With the availability of several meters in different sizes, the pricing and costing of them also different from each other. It has been discussed above with its attractive features. As customers need to pay a high price for more features and less for a few features.

Buy flow meter

               There is various kind of flow meters are available in the market so that buyers first need to analyze heir own requirements then search for the sites or suppliers for buying them. After selecting the kind of flow meter, they have to consider some factors for the purpose of comparison because various sites or suppliers are available who deal with the flow meters such includes B Meter, Elster Meter, LC Meter, TCS Meter, Fillrite Meter, GPI Meter, Piusi Meter, Hydrus Meter, etc. so while making buying decisions households or buyers need to consider prices, cost, temperature, pressure, velocity, security, IP protection, size, etc. so that they could be able to take appropriate buying decision in a cost-effective manner.

You can buy flow meter here:  Flowmeters in UAE

Online flow meter

              Buyers or installers purchase or review flow meters via online mode as companies or suppliers like Bethel updated their website on a regular basis along with the latest product range and prices with innovative features. So that customers easily reviews and compare products between various suppliers and make decisions with sitting at home or property. Also, they can order flowmeters online by using different apps and online shopping sites in order to get products without going outside. As the company, Bethel is also registered online and facilitate online selling facility also to its customers.


              It can be concluded from the above discussion that Flow meters play an important role in the various industries as it mainly used for measuring the volume of water, gas, oil, liquid, etc. which moves through the pipes or calculate the flow rate. Applications of flow measurement are different for all kinds of industry and every company has its own requirements as well as constraints. So that buyers need to do proper research and find valuable suppliers for purchasing flow meters so that they can be able to save cost, time, and get a productive output of buying.

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