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Elster water meter

Metering and Communication systems

v100 elster meter

Dry-dial hot water meter

v100 elster meter

Domestic volumetric cold water meter

v100 elster meter

Woltmann type cold water meter

v100 elster meter

Woltmann type hot water meter

Elster water flow meter
Elster Water metering limited is one of the leaders in facilitating innovative solutions in the entire world including leakage detection applications as well as low flow. The company produces water meters for domestic, commercial use, and utility as well as facilitates a complete portfolio involving solutions for cost allocation, distribution, smart metering systems, revenue metering, network monitoring, radio reading as well as industrial applications. 

V100 PSM

It is considered one of the most successful commercials as well as domestic water meters as it is unique in design and provides accuracy, security, performance, and durability. It is a volumetric rotary piston type of Roller index register (m³). The sizes of V100 (PSM) are DN15 to DN40 with a flow rate of between 7.51/h to 20m3/h. The Coldwater up to 30°C, direct readings on the 7 numerical rolls, and the approvals of ISO4064, MID-2004/22/EC, WRAS, EN14154, OIML R49.



It is considered a bulk cold-water meter that is a Woltmann turbine that is designed for calculating the flow of portable cold water in-water work, commercials, and industrial applications. Sizes may vary on the DN40 to DN300 and the PN16 Flange as a pressure rate. Coldwater temperature ranges up to 30°C along with the compliances and approvals of MID-2004/22/EC, ISO4064, EN14154, and WRAS.


It is a Woltmann kind of horizontal vane hot water meter that is highly suited to the sustained and high flow of water. The temperature range of this is the up to 120°C of hot water and it is a type of Roller index/dial register (m³). This is available in DN50 to DN200 ranges and the pressure range is PN16 Flange. It is offered with the reed switch pulse output as a standard that is factory fitted and it is mainly used in industrial appliances and heating purposes. The flow rates are between 1m³/h and 500m³/h.


It is the next generation of the Woltmann turbine of bulk cold-water meter along with the electronic register. It shows the high performance in water flow metering that is highly suited to water distribution as well as billing applications. Sizes of H5000 are between DN40 to DN150 and it has a PN16 Flange pressure range. It is a sort of electronic LCD register with cold potable water temperatures up to 30°C. It is a wireless M-Bus or wired pulse output and the approvals or compliances include MID-2004/22/EC from WRAS.

DEWA Approved Water meter

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