Oilfield Equipment

Oil Equipment is defined as those items that are mainly used for the process of production and exploration of oil and gas or generation of any kind of upstream energy. This equipment is considered as one of the most important parts for oil and gas services. It also includes tools whose purpose is to drill and excavate the oil and gas, management of energy data, finding and locating the sources of energy, constructing and completing the entire services. It further helps in exploring the unexplored places to ensure proper cleaning, extraction, and safety. Bethel general trading organization which is considered as one of the top leading oilfield and heavy equipment as well as spare parts trading business which is registered in Ajman. The main objective of this is to operate in the oil and gas industrial area within the Gulf region to ensure reliable and concrete services to their respective clients.

Fuel Dispenser

Single Product Dispenser

Technical Specification

Suction: High-Performance Compact Gear Pump RTF | Pressure: Submersible Pump

Meter: Positive Displacement Meter PTF, with Pulse Generator and  Integrated Electronic Calibration

Filters: Reusable Stainless Steel, 100μm mesh | Motor: Eexd, 1/ 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz / Internal Thermal Protection

Calculator: eMC Counter w/Pulse Interface | Hose: Ø16, 19, 21, 25 mm (EN1360/EN13483) (VR2 Approved)

Nozzle: Automatic ZVA2 or Others | Fuel: Petrol | Diesel | Biodiesel | Ethanol (E85) (1) | AdBlue (1)

Flow Rates: 10, 40, 80, 130 L/min | Up to 1 Products / 2 Hoses

Double Product Dispenser

Technical Specification

Suction: High-Performance Compact Gear Pump RTF | Pressure: Submersible Pump

Meter: Positive Displacement Meter PTF, with Pulse Generator and Integrated Electronic Calibration
Filters: Reusable Stainless Steel, 100 μm mesh | Motor: Eexd, 1/ 3, 50/60 Hz w/ Internal Thermal Protection
Calculator: EMC Counter w/Pulse Interface | Hose: Ø16, 19, 21, 25 mm (EN1360/EN13483) (VR2 Approved)
Nozzle: Automatic ZVA2 or Others | Fuel: Petrol | Diesel | Biodiesel | Ethanol (E85) (1) | LPG (1) 

Flow Rates: 10, 40, 80, 130 L/min | Up to 2 Products/2 Hoses

Multi-Product Dispenser

Technical Specification

Pump Type Optional: U102-A,U102-B,U102-C | Inlet Pressure: ≥54kPa.

Flow rate (L/min.): 0~55±5 | Suction- Distance:  (m)6(verticalmente) / 50(orizzontalmente)

FlowMeter- Type Optional:U101-B,U101-C,U101-D | Accuracy:  ±0.2%

Motor: Voltage(V)220V/50Hz optional for 110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Capacity: (hp)1HP(0.75kw) Input Voltage220V/50Hz optional for 110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Nozzle: Auto Shut-off Nozzle Environmental Condition-40℃~~+55℃

Control Type: Solenoid Valve Control Type Preset Function Provided (Small LCD Indicator)


Air Hose Reel

  • Full flow stress-free swivel design

  • Reinforced steel

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • The basic reel without hose can be used for air, water or oil

Ultimate Duty Hose Reel

  • High impact UHMW guide rollers

  • Corrosion-resistant powder coat paint

  • 13 /8” solid main shaft

  • Four 5 /8” tie rods maintain reel integrity 

  • Ductile iron fluid path parts

  • Stainless latch spring and widened  aluminum ratchet/pawl

  • Torsion spring for longer service life

Industrial Hoses

  • Application: Air and water transfer, and spraying and conveying water-based liquid  fertilizers and pesticides

  • Tube: EPDM

  • Reinforcement: 4-fiber spiral and 2-fiber braid

  • Cover: EPDM

  • Temp: -40°C to +82°C, (-40°F to +180°F)

  • Pressure: 13,8-20,7 bar / 200-300 psi

Pressure Washer Hoses

  • Extreme flexibility under pressure

  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures

  • Temperatures (-40° F to 140° F)

Composite Hoses

  • Inner & outer Wire: High tensile strength Galvanized Steel

  • Carcass: Multiple layers of Polypropylene fabric, film and polyester barrier layers

  • Cover: Abrasion-resistant PVC-impregnated fabric

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +100°C


  • Body: Aluminum

  • Lever & Lever Guard: Duratuff

  • Packing: Graphite with Teflon

  • Disc: Viton

  • Inlet Size: 1" NPT

  • Weight: 1.51 kg

  • Maximum working pressure: 50 PSI (3.45 bar) 

  • Brands: OPW, Husky

About Oil Field Equipment’s and its types

               Oil field Equipment holds varieties of tools and instruments that facilitate easy and comprehensive devices. They help in the process of drilling and excavating, serving a major contribution to the economy. Further, they support well in reducing the costs and minimizing the accident rates and simultaneously give momentum to the environment with a factor of sustainability. They are engineered with quality and witness productive applications in various areas to pull out the sources of energy.

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