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Tanker Equipment

Bethel General Trading FZE company is the leading Tanker Equipment Supplier in UAE

We are one of the leading tanker equipment trading company in the UAE.  With the support of quality experts serving our customers with high-end tanker equipment.  We supply Tank Manhole covers, Inspection manhole, API Adapters, Emergency valve, Gravity coupler, and Pressure vent.

betts manhole cover.jpg

Betts Manhole Cover

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emco emergency valve.jpg

Emco Emergency Valve

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Manhole cover.jpg

Manhole Cover

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Gravity Coupler.jpg

Gravity Coupler

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Inspection manhole.jpg

Inspection Manhole

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pressure vent.jpg

Pressure Vent

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api adapter.jpg

API Adapter

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vapour vent.jpg

Vapour Vent

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