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A unique design delivers unparalleled measurement sensitivity and stability.

Compact Type | Remote Type

Coriolis flow meter is based on the principles of motion mechanics. It offers the most accurate flow and density measurement value for liquids or slurries. Bethel General Trading FZE is a leading Coriolis flow meter supplier in UAE, the Coriolis flow meter provides accurate measurement, easy setup and configuration, minimal maintenance and quality customer service.

Coriolis flow meter

We are the best Coriolis flow meter distributor in UAE. We offer a Coriolis flow meter which provides accurate measurement of ±0.1~0.5% and repeatability of ±0.1~0.25%. The liquid or slurry flow density measurement range is 0.3~3g/cm3 with an accuracy of ±0.002 g/cm3. It works under the operating temperature: -50~+200℃(standard), -200~+300℃, ambient temperature: -20~+60℃ or -40~+60℃ and nominal pressure: 4.0MPa (standard). The measuring tube material is SS316L whereas the housing material is SS304. The Ex-proof is Exd (ia)ⅡC T6Gb

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