Multi functional | Remote Display | Data Storage

The totalizer monitors the flow rates, temperature, pressure, and stores the data as multi-functional integrated information. Bethel general trading FZE is a leading flow meter supplier in UAE, we provide the best flow totalizer that accurately measures and calculates the flow. It is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, medicine, city gas, heating, marine ship building, construction and other industries.


Flow Signal Input: 4-20mA, Frequency (0...10000Hz), Pulse

Temperature Signal Input: 4-20mA

Thermal Resistance(PT100<-200~650℃>)

Thermal Resistance(PT1000<0~300℃>)

Pressure Signal Input: Yes

Alarm OutpuT: One Line Alarm, Two Lines Alarm

Communication: Modbus- RS485, RS232

Power Supply for Sensor: One channel, Two channel

Power Supply: 110-240V DC, 24V DC

Storage: USB additional