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Fuel Transfer Pump Supplier in UAE

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

About Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuel transfer pumps mainly function for transporting fuel from the tank to a vehicle or it can be said that it transports fuel from one place to another. The arrangement of usage for this includes the refueling trucks to the larger commercial vehicles like buses, lorry, etc. the fuel transfer pump is mainly designed for transfer various liquids from one place to another. These are mainly developed for the purpose of transporting fuels or liquids like oils, diesel, Adblue, petrol etc. There are various drive options that work differently from each other such includes:

Magnetic drive – As it is defined to the link between the motor and impeller (wet end of pump). In the direct-drive pumps, the impeller is directly committed to the shaft of the motor and the design is based on tube. It is used for pumping the fuel into the motor which is the main purpose of fuel transfer pumps.

Hydraulic drive – It is a system that drives the system which is mainly used for the pressurized fuel to power the machinery. It works on the principle of Pascal’s Law, as the pressure in the system is similar, the force which the fuel gives to surroundings is equal to pressure * area.

Gear reduction – It is closely related to the speed of rotary machines, by classifying the rotary machine by a gear ratio that is greater than 1:1 then the rotational speed of it reduced.

Belt driven – It means being driven by a direct gear train and flexible belt. It is mainly used for rotating driven pulley into the adverse direction of that. However, wear and bending of belt are considered as an essential concern and these are economical as well.

Some of the fuel transfer pumps brands are as follows:

As Blackmer is termed as a leading international supplier of high quality and innovative sliding vane, screw, reciprocating gas compressor technique, centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps for transferring of gases as well as liquids safely. The compressor and pumps of Blackmer have been serving clients since 1903 in order to optimise high productivity and profitability during increasing the environmental protection and safety in international chemical procedure, transport, general industrial, oil and gas market, energy, military and marine. This kind of pump are mainly used in the large variability of industrial applications. The Blackmer pumps are mainly used for transfer liquid from trucks, tank farms, chemical tote, rail cars, drums etc. as it is self-preparing pumps which have the best force abilities. It is designed to pump solvents, paints, edible oils, thinners, lubricants, coatings, jet fuel, glycol and so many chemicals. Mainly, liquids which are most suited for our sliding vane pumps involve but are not restricted to the fuel oil, solvents, aviation oil, lube oil, liquefied gases like ammonia, CO2, LPG etc.

Fillrite AC vane pump

As the Fill-rite is one of the international leaders in fuel transfer pumps, accessories and meters. The Fill-rite AC pumps are weighty duty design along with the thermal protection, all group iron construction as well as the broad range of flow rates in order to support high flow management systems and the standard as well. Whether mining equipment, fuelling construction or tractors and combines, the durability and the quality of our AC pumps facilitate dependability as well as fast fuelling so that you can only gain with the Fill-Rite.


For example, Model FR310VEMN, some of the benefits and features of it includes the pump only, 10 motor Amps, 1,8 Bar max Pressure, Thermal Overload Protection, 2 in. Inlet, 1 in. outlet, BSPP-F Ports, Bypass valves, 30-minute Duty Cycle, 130 LPM, 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Built-in Strainer, Self Priming and so many others as well.

Fillrite DC vane pump

The 12 & 24-volt pumps provide a flow rate, suitable comigration for stationary as well as portable systems and the icon construction. The low AMP draw, full variety of hoses, flow meter alternatives, thermal overload safety, nozzle etc. series of DC pumps supply performance suitable and durability in it for the personal as well as commercial purposes.


As an example, the model – FR1205GE is considered as a Fill-Rite DC fuel transfer pump. The benefits and characteristics include; 57 LPM, .19 Motor KW, 12 VDC voltage type, 1,1 bar max pressure, 2 in. BSPT-M Tank adapter, Built-in strainer, Self priming, 20 motors Amps, By-pass valves, 30-minute duty cycle etc.


For instance, Model – FR4210GE, features include 76 LPM, 1 * 3.6 m hose, 1.5-meter ground wire with clip, telescoping steel suction pipe of 51 to 88 cm, 1 NPT suction port, 12 VDC high flow pump, 1 manual nozzle, 1 NTP discharge and 2 NPT tank mount and so on.

Fillrite DC vane meter

It is also designed for the heavy duty, cast iron, rotary vane and fuel transfer pump for different fuels like gasoline, biodiesel up-to B20, Kerosene, mineral spirit, diesel, E15 etc. It contains ¾ manual nozzle, pump, ¾ * 12 hose along with the static ground wire, 20 – 34 steel telescoping suction pipes as well as 3-wheel meter mechanical with the 2 years of warranty. FR1211G is the model that features a meter and another one model as an example of meter cabinet is FR902DPU.

Engine driven diesel transfer pumps which consist of the cast iron which is close coupled to the gasoline engine. The units can transport diesel fuel at the maximum flow rates like 100 – 600 GPM or may be higher. Mainly the self-priming centrifugal designs facilitate the ability to lift suction so that they can easily pull up underground products from pits and tanks.


The diesel transfer pumps we provide in the category involve:

  • Self-priming centrifugal pump- It facilitates guarantee and compactness regarding that the power is not lost and it is economical and efficient to operate as well. It is a durable and most powerful engine diesel pump that ensures the trouble-free operations and simple maintenance.

  • Self-priming trash pump – It is suitable for the heavy-duty construction pumps which are mainly used for the construction purpose. Pumps with 3 and 4 pipe diameters are for sucking up to 31mm dia. Trash. And the 2-pipe diameter is developed for the 20mm trash dia.

These pumps are built flexible, innovative as well as engineering excellence as it has 75 years of time-tested performance. There are many hand / pistons pumps fuel transfer such as FR150, FR 151, FR 152, FR 156 as it mainly has 20 gallons per 100 strokes. These are URL approved and have Aluminium body along with the stainless-steel liner.

Suppliers, dealers, agents or distributors of fuel transfer pumps

With the development of technology, the fuel transfer pump industry has reserved a major leap in manufacturing the durable products of high quality for the purpose of different usage. As various fuel transfer pump suppliers are available within the market and if you are in Dubai then it is easy to find UAE suppliers in plenty. To choose the best of many is somehow difficult so you need to do a planning and negotiation for getting the best one. So, your welcome to the world of Bethel trading company, Dubai. As they supply several products including fuel transfer pumps to all establishments across the United Arab Emirates. They have extremely capacitated products with the robust designs that are not just performance oriented but are also durable.

Why you should select Bethel general trading as your fuel transfer pump supplier in UAE

Because Bethel is a professionally managed company which is driven by the result-oriented workers. As they mainly believe in treating their customers proactively and have a rising slope of clients that is witness to the fact as they have thrived in satisfying the customers aspirations. They have several expertise for solving their issues related to fuel transfer pumps. The company Bethel facilitates better customer services which has been always their priority and they believe in managing a long-term association with all customers. They offer competitive prices or rates are best fit in the industry so they are known as the best fuel transfer pumps at competitive rates.

Fuel transfer pumps costing or pricing

Within the context of Bethel trading company, the pricing of fuel transfer pumps is considered as follows:

  • 3200 AED – It is where you will discover the majority of fuel transfer pumps as these are durable, portable as well as lightweight. These types of pumps are small in size which can only transfer a small proportion of fuel.

  • 3200 AED and up – While you approach the high price pumps then you will come across the industrial transfer pumps. These kinds of pumps have the capability to transfer huge amounts of fuel in the least period of time. Mainly, it can be found in the backs of trailers as well as trucks.

Buy a fuel transfer pump

When people are looking to buy fuel transfer pumps, they will be required to make precise decisions so there are some determinations that should be considered while making purchasing decisions. Such are as follows:

  • The intended purpose of the pump – It is essential because for only fueling small vehicles than just go for any model but for large machines, vehicles need to choose a powerful pump.

  • Types of fuel that are pumping – some of the replicas are built for diesel only while others will deal with gasoline, oil, diesel, kerosene etc.

  • Easily use – Go for the user-friendly along with the comprehensive instruction manual which is required for the installation and assembly procedure.

  • Durability – As the fuel transfer pump should be of better quality and show the longevity of the pump.

  • Voltage – It is considered as a technical specification that should perfectly match with the output of power sources and may work as expected.

  • Safety issuesThe pump is mainly designed for the purpose of providing safety and it should have explosion-proof and pass all quality tests, control mechanisms while operating it.

  • Warranty – It is about a year or it can be longer as per the policies of producer and product quality. It includes the replacement as well as repair of damaged parts.

Online availability of fuel transfer pump

Buyers can buy fuel transfer pumps online via the company’s website. On this site, companies update detailed information about the product, price, sizes and so many factors that are required for making buying decisions as well as reviews of the existing and previous customers are also available there. So, customers easily review and search about it and make comparisons between many brands, and place orders online. For buying fuel transfer pumps from Bethel then go to and visit their own website - and order online by examining all the factors.

Discussion & Conclusion

It has been concluded from the above report that the fuel transfer pumps play a crucial role in the businesses as it helps in transferring fuel or liquids to the machinery through the use of pumps. Many big brands are available from which buyers can buy products according to their needs as well as have availability of online mechanisms for placing orders at home. It has been also considered that there are various drive options that are considered along with the key consideration aspects of the buying procedure.

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