B meters

B Meter- Water Meters


Multi-jet meter, dry dial water meter

Data communication M-BUS wired and wireless OMS and non-magnetic pulse output.

Sizes: DN15 (1/2") DN20 (3/4") DN25 (1") DN32 (1"1/4) DN40 (1"1/2) DN50 (2")

Temperature range cold water up to 50°C and hot water up to 90°C

Direct reading on 5 numeric rolls (6 numeric rolls on DN40 and DN50)

360° rotating dry dial

WDEK- 40

Woltmann type water meter

Sizes: DN50 (2") DN65 (2"1/2) DN80 (3") DN100 (4") DN125 (5") DN150 (6") DN200 (8")

Temperature range cold water up to 50°C and hot water up to 90°C

Direct reading on 6 numeric rolls

Flange ISO 7005-2 / EN 1092-2 PN16

Application: Industry and irrigation

WDEK- 50

Woltmann type water meter

Data communication wireless OMS M-Bus and non-magnetic pulse output

Sizes: DN50 (2") DN65 (2"1/2) DN80 (3") DN100 (4") DN125 (5") DN150 (6") DN200 (8")

Temperature range cold water up to 50°C and hot water up to 90°C

Direct reading on 7 numeric rolls

360° rotating dry dial

Flange ISO 7005-2 / EN 1092-2 PN16

Application: Industry and irrigation


Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Sizes: DN15 to DN2000

Pressure range: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40

IP Protection: IP68

Temperature range: MAG-C -40°C /+80°C MAG-S PTFE -40°C /+130°C EBANITE -40°C/+80°C

Pipe Material: Stainless steel AISI 304

Flange Material: Carbon steel

Electrodes Material: Hastelloy C

N° Electrodes: 3(˂DN50), 4(≥DN50)

Power supply: 90÷264 VAC or 24 VDC – Replaceable battery 3÷6 years

Display: Graphic LCD 128 x 64 pixels

Output signals Pulse, 4-20mA frequency, MODBUS, RTU, RS485, Hart protocol

Communication interface: irDA for PC connection , MODBUS RTU, GSM/GPRS

B meter
It operates as a specialized, independent at domestic as well as global level in the metering sector of water and heat and offers integrated solutions within the market. B Meter is an Italian company that design, manufacture, and distribute equipment for calculating water consumption. For residential water products include CPR-M3, GMDM-1. In the category of industrial water product include WDE-K50, WDE-K40, MAG-C, etc. some of which are discussed further along with the size, application, flow rate, pressure, readings. Within the context of Bethel trading company, some dealings are discussed below.

CPR- M3 

It is a single jet meter, 360° rotating lid as well as wet dial along with the anti-fraud ring. This is available in DN15 and DN20 sizes with ½” and ¾” respectively and applicable for both cold as well as hot water up to the 50°C and up to 90°C individually. In this, the direct transmission prevents the meter from being tampered by the external magnetic fields. As it is permitted to MID 2004/22/CE to range R160-H/R100-V.



It is a multi-jet, magnetic transmission, and dry dial water meter along with the 360° rotating lid. The sizes of this involve DN15-1/2”, DN20 – 3/4", DN25- 1”, DN32- 1”1/4, DN40- 1”1/2, DN50- 2” in a version of cold and hot water temperature with 50° and 90° correspondently. It has inductive pre-equipment for the data communication module installation M-BUS wired, OMS wireless, and pulse output of non-magnetic. Direct reading of it based on the 5 numeric rolls and 6 rolls for only DN40 and DN50.


WDEK– 40

It is a Horizontal Woltmann kind of water meter along with the removable insert. It is mainly used for the industry and irrigations and gives direct readings on the 6 numeric rolls. It is available in different sizes like DN50- 2”, DN65- 2”1/2, DN80- 3”, DN100- 4”, DN125- 5”, DN150- 6”, DN200-8” with the temperature of cold up-to 50°C and hot up to 90°C. it is a sealed counter system along with the magnetic transmission and flowrate is Flange ISO 7005-2/EN 1092-2 PN16.


WDEK– 50

It is totally similar to the WDEK – 50 in their application, temperature, pressure, sizes, flow rates, etc. but there is only the difference is reading points as WDEK-40’s direct reading is on 6 numerical rolls and WDEK-50’s reading is on 7 numeric rolls.



It is termed as an Electromagnetic flow meter that is used for determining the amount and flow of electrically conductive liquids. Remote reading is presented through the GSM/GPRS interface and it is non-moving aspects internally that guarantees better accuracy of measurement, constant functioning over the period of time, no repair requirement, and capability to install the meter in any location. Sizes of this vary between DN15 to DN200 and have IP68 protection. The pressure range is PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40 with the temperature range of -40°C or +80°C. GSM/GPRS, IrDA for PC connectivity, and MODBUS RTU as a communication interface.

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