Elster Meter

Elster Water Meters

Domestic volumetric cold water meter

T- probe assy pulse output.

Sizes: DN15 (1/2") DN20 (3/4") DN25 (1") DN32 (1"1/4) DN40 (1"1/2)

Flow rates of between 7.5 l/h to 20 m3/h

Temperature range cold water up to 50°C and hot water up to 90°C

Direct reading on 7 numeric rolls 

V100 (PSM)

Woltmann type cold water meter

Sizes: DN50 (2") DN65 (2"1/2) DN80 (3") DN100 (4") DN125 (5") DN150 (6") DN200 (8") DN300 (12")

Flow rates of between 0.35 m3/h and 2000 m3/h

Temperature range: 0 to 50°C

Maximum working pressure: 16 bar

Application: Industrial and commercial


Woltmann type hot water meter

Woltmann meter flow sensor WP for hot water | Serial pulse output

Sizes: DN50 (2") DN65 (2"1/2) DN80 (3") DN100 (4") DN125 (5") DN150 (6") DN200 (8")

Flow rates of between 1m³/h and 500m³/h

Temperature range 120°C

Application: Industrial


Electromagnetic water meter

The Q4000 pulser features a dual channel, bi-directional pulse output, and alarm indicator.

Sizes: 50mm to 200mm

Temperature range: -10°C to +55°C

Flow rates of between 0.16m³/h and 1250m³/h

IP Protection: IP68

Power: 30V DC 20mA  Battery powered (10 years battery life)

Display: Graphic LCD 


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